LUCI immers Referral Program

Get the unique referral link after you backed LUCI immers Indiegogo campaign, and share it with your friends to get free stuff. When 5 friends clicked your link, you will get amazing prize for your referrals.

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Worth $40
When LUCI immers hits $600K



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Wireless Power Bank

Worth $20
When LUCI immers hits $750K



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How does it work?
Verify your rewards to Generate Your Referral Link.
Share The Referral Link with friends via Email or on Facebook and Twitter.
Your Referral will be Listed in the Leaderboard Below.
We will Notify You to Redeem Your Prize when campaign ended if you are eligible!
Terms and Conditions

Who can participate in the LUCI immers referral program?

Create your referral link after you backed Indiegogo campaign. This program is open to all Indiegogo backers of .


I've invited my friend, and they've pledged LUCI immers. Why don't I see my referrals?

Our referral leaderboard will be updated every hour, so be sure to check back in with us for the latest update.


How can I redeem my rewards?

You’ll see your referrals in our leaderboard, we will announce the winners in our update when our campaign was ended.