Frequently Asked Questions

How did OGadget get started?   
OGadget was started by a team of people who love modern design. We appreciate things of quality, beauty, and value, and feel that buying cheap, crappy products is a waste of money. At the same time, we don’t believe in overspending just because "the market" determines a high price.
Is this a scam?
No, everything we do is genuine and every single product we sell is guaranteed authentic. We will never intentionally misrepresent a product, sell your personal information, or steal your money.
Is my credit card information secure?
Absolutely. All of your data is SSL encrypted and we don’t store any credit card information on our servers. We take security very seriously; it’s one of our absolute top priorities at OGadget.
How do you select the products to sell?
We have a team of trained product buyers that source and curate products from all over the world. Aside from a modern aesthetic, OGadgetrepresents quality and great value at any price point.

Most of our products are Kickstarter/Indiegogo proven hot gadgets.
Are the products authentic?
Yes, every product we sell is guaranteed authentic. We will not sell knock-offs or copies of original products. We also won’t sell any misrepresented items or anything deemed counterfeit.
When will my order ship?
Every sale has different shipping times based on production requirements and origin. We list sale end date at the top right corner of the page and the estimated delivery window on the bottom of each product page under “Estimated Delivery”. You will receive an email notice about the tracking information.
How do you ship your products?
Products ship from the brands to OGadget's fulfillment center in bulk. Once they arrive, we repackage and send the products straight to you with couriers.
How long does shipping take?
That depends on how quickly the brands can get the product to us and where you live. Customers in the USA can expect to receive their product within 7-10business days of shipment notification. For those outside of the USA, it usually takes a bit longer as products have to clear customs and are delivered by the local country's postal service.
Will I get a tracking number?
All orders have tracking numbers assigned to them once a shipping label is generated for an order.
What if I found a better price?

We do extensive research to provide the best possible price for the duration of each event. If you happen upon a better price while an event is still live, please follow these instructions to request a price match refund:

  • To request a price match refund, copy and paste the retailer link to the lower priced item as well as a detailed description (i.e. model number, color) and email us here. 
  • Customer Service will respond with an acknowledgment of your request. Once verified, we will refund the difference within 5-7 business days.
  • Valid only while the item is available for sale on OGadget. 
  • Valid for current online retailer listings only. Must have inventory available for purchase. 
  • Our price guarantee does not extend to clearance, returns, discontinued and close-out items. Other restrictions may apply including cases when manufacturer's pricing policies negate a price match.
What is OGadget's return policy?
Return policies are listed in the details of each product page. In general, we do not accept returns for most of the products that you purchase on our site. Since we sell products that are ordered directly from the brands after a sale, we do not carry inventory and we can’t resell most individual items that have been returned. As such, manufacturers do not allow us to return unsold or returned products.
How will the purchase appear on my bank statement? 
Your purchase transaction will appear generically as ‘OGadget’ for your purchase amount. There will be no product descriptions.
When am I charged?
You are charged when you confirm an order. This allows us to let the brandknow how many units are needed for a single bulk order and guarantees an item to be allocated to you.
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