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Turn Your iPad into a MacBook

doqo is the world’s first iPad Pro keyboard with sleek aluminum housing, MacBook-size trackpad, and 7-in-1 hub, boosting your productivity on the go.
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World's 1st Heart Rate & Oxygen Uptake TWS Sport Earbuds

TWS Sport Earbuds | Immersive Sound | Heart Rate Monitoring | Oxygen Uptake & Respiration Rate Tracking | Sport Feedback | Ergonomics Design
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The World's Smallest 3G Phone

 Incredibly Small Size | 3G Network Capability | Camera, Music & Game | Bluetooth Function | Talk & Text | Affordable Price
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Open Source CAN Bus Based Servo Stepper for Multi-Axis Gang Control

AnanasStepper 3.0 aims to build a motion control system including hardware and software to make Multi-Axis Gang control easy and precise. It can apply to 3D printer, 6+ axis robot arm or some more complex motion control system, supporting to be controlled through CAN Bus, RS-485 and Step/Dir Interface.
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