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The early access price of Catson will be posted on Facebook Group. ​To keep you updated with our latest launch & product info on Kickstarter, we highly suggest you join our Facebook Group.

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Benefit: EnigmaBot is currently in pre-production states, and we are ready to accept pre-order Today. With the $10 reservation fee, we will be offering you the lowest available price we can once the campaign goes live on Kickstarter — $99(a full 38% OFF the retail price of $159 right away).

The number of Super Early Bird ($99) is limited, if you reserve now, we can guarantee that you will get EnigmaBot at Super Early Bird prices.

Since we are in the final stages of development, we have tried to describe the EnigmaBot as accurately as possible, but things may change over time.

The MSRP of EnigmaBot will be $159 after the campaign, so now is the best time to support us.

By reserving the EnigmaBot, you will be able to claim your super early bird discounted price on the EnigmaBot crowdfunding page. You’ll be notified via email once the campaign is live. Once payment is received, your order will be shipped out within the estimated delivery timeline. And your $10 reservation will be refunded.

100% Refund

If you cancel your reservation before the campaign’s launch, we guarantee you a full refund.


We will be transparent about our project throughout the entire campaign.

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All orders are processed through our secure network. We respect your privacy.

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