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Robots you can create using Mabot Kits

Drag Race
Big M
M Grabber
Solo Wheel
Lego +
Laser Pistol

Mabot Features

Mabot Remote Control APP
Mabot Remote Control APP turns your smartphone into a Robot Remote Control using the Mabot Go APP.
Modular Design
Mabot modular design allows you to create anything you can imagine, without limits.
Lego Compatible
Use Mabot sensors and power wheels to bring your Legos to life.
Fantastic & Fun Design
Mabot’s unique design was inspired by Molecule Structure, the building blocks of life.
Easy Coding
Learn how to program easily with the user-friendly, graphic coding APP - Mabot IDE.
Plug & Play
Mabot robot comes with Any-Angle connectors and Hot Plugging patented technology which allows all modular parts to be connected or disconnected easily and safely without interrupting the power.

The Modular Robot Inspiring Creativity

Be the first to know when Mabot launches and save $200 off retail.

Create with Mabot

Build any creation you can imagine using the 4 functional balls
Brain Ball
Brain Ball has powerful calculation and communication chips which act as the brain of your robot.
Battery Ball
On-board 760mAh battery to deliver the juice that gets your robot moving.
Driver Ball
Driver Ball works as the arms and legs for your robot, turning and spinning it along.
Sensor Ball
Infrared, colors, and touch sensors help your robot to recognize the world around it and understand your commands.

Connection Parts

Communication, power line, joint, and others you need to build the robot.

The Modular Robot Inspiring Creativity

Build your own robot right out of the box. Program easier, play smarter and have more fun than ever.
Easily assemble, program and create with Mabot. Build robots that can sense, think and act. Play-inspired learning experiences that encourage exploration of design, engineering, coding and behavior of complex systems. Creativity has never been so much fun!

Bring Your Robot to Life

Follow the simple steps in the Mabot Go APP and before you know it, you’ll be in control of robots that drive, crawl, walk, slam, and spin – just a few of the amazing actions that can be achieved with this awesome robotics set.

Lego Compatible

Are you an expert Lego builder?  Add more fun to Legos with Mabot. Explore endless possibilities at an affordable price.



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