Make the Clean Easy And Save Time

A wide swivel lid opens for easy scooping, as it lifts straight off and provides full access for thorough cleaning. And it helps stray litter left on the lid to fall back inside.

Closed Design Leaves No Odor & Tracking

The closed litter box design keeps the litter stays where they belonged to - the litter box. It helps cats clean the litter in their paws everytime they walk out, eliminating litter tracking and providing a clean space for cat owners.

An Efficient Cleaning Set

An ergonomic scoop, dustpan, and hand brush are engineered in an ingenious combination. The 3-in-1 unique design helps you to scoop in a more efficient way.

More Features


Sleek Minimalist Design

Stay neat, stay simple.

Privacy And Comfy for Use

The closed design makes your kitten feel private and comfortable when using it.

Tailored to Fit Different Situation

With top-entry or front-entry configurations, Poop Cube is available for different sizes and shapes of cat - no matter a kitten, elderly cats or even cats wearing an Elizabethan collar.

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